Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommy's broken backbone...

Have you ever seen God?

I have and she's crying on the kitchen sink with a cigarette between her cracked lips

Her tanned skin washed by the yellow pigmentation as hard as the word PALE can fit in a colored woman

So colorful with mediums of sophistication and hues of independence,

don't let broken paintbrushes make your frame stronger than your canvas.

Talk to me, my God I know your not supposed to show weakness in front of your children, but in the eyes of children mothers are divine

Divinely built, you are with 2 thick tree trunk legs that keeps you grounded to me whipping your branches around me both for protection and punishment.

God, share your light with me mommy.

Photosynthesize your troubles and let me soak up some of the burden.

Built with a backbone stronger than Brazil's ivory itself, spinning disks of culture in between the vertebrates of your samba ancestry padded by the tissues that has absorbed heartache from a spineless father that chopped down your tropical dreams and rain dropped me, you are built with a strong character.

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